Create Happier,
More Productive Employees.

End the false choice between supporting employees and driving business growth with Oraqor. We balance  employee engagement and performance to drive business growth in a singular platform.

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Drive Growth - For Employees & The Business


Turning Engagement Into Performance

Gain profound insights into the current state of employee engagement and productivity at various levels of your organizational structure, ensuring you’re attuned to your workforce.

Align your people with broader goals, vision, and culture to get the entire team rowing in the same direction – creating a better customer experience and driving growth.

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How Does Oraqor Impact Your Business Outcomes?

Actionable Insights

Gain deep, actionable insights from comprehensive assessments to drive targeted improvements and strategic growth for both the company and its employees.

Enhanced Alignment

Misalignment costs companies between 20-30% of their annual revenue. Gain alignment between the vision, processes, culture, and the metrics to reduce the cost of inefficiency and misalignment.

Improved Morale

34% of a company’s payroll is wasted because employees are unhappy, causing them to be unproductive, often due to misalignment with the vision, inefficient processes, poor culture, or ineffective measurement of metrics.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions with robust data and analytics that highlight strengths and reveal areas for improvement.

Personalized Development

Empower your employees with personalized feedback and development plans based on detailed performance metrics.

Engagement Metrics

Accurately measure employee engagement with precise metrics that capture even the most elusive aspects of team dynamics.

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